class in Indirapuram
  • tick icon in IndirapuramIEC will help a child to fill the gap between School academic and Self study.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramWe are here to help the children in every aspect of their life, from academic excellence to Personality development, soft skills, thus empowering them to meet a bright future.
How different from Traditional Instiutes
class in Indirapuram
tick icon in Indirapuram A complete programme on child development that includes every aspect of child development like School Academics, Olympiads , personality development and Computer skills.
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tick icon in IndirapuramPreparing a track for a child towards future Competitive exams like IIT/Medical.
Detailed Curriculum
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  • tick icon in IndirapuramOur syllabus will be covered in a very systematic manner which includes a suitable study material and series of practical exercises.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramAssignments are provided during the course which they are thoroughly discussed in the class to identify the lesson’s concept.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramCheck on Completion of Home work.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramRegular class tests conducted on school syllabus as well as on Olympiad patterns.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramSpecial preparation on Olympiad pattern.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramSpecial class on Personality development that includes Spoken English ,Pronunciation, Public speaking, Group discussion, Leadership skills, Memorizing technique & Time management.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramTraining on Basic Computing like Computer Concepts, Hardware, Software, Operating Systems and Microsoft Office.