Class I-V

class in Indirapuram
  • tick icon in IndirapuramOur main focus is to make learning enjoyable and easy for students, this makes the students more focused on their studies and thus increases the chances of understanding the content.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramWe are here to help the children in every aspect of their life, from academic excellence to Personality development, soft skills, thus empowering them to get ready for a bright future.
How different from Traditional Instiutes
class in Indirapuram
  • tick icon in IndirapuramWe help a child to get interest and further excellence in all subjects equally, equipped with a group of Faculty who are specialized in subjects like English (Writing and Verbal), Science and Mathematics where a child needs extra care and attention.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramWe work on child’s personality development programme along with his academics, specialized faculties help students to develop their soft skills.
class in Indirapuram
tick icon in IndirapuramWe help a child to get hands-on computers, by knowing basics like Microsoft office, Computer concepts, internet etc, which helps them to be computer savvy.
Detailed Curriculum
class in Indirapuram
  • tick icon in IndirapuramOur syllabus will be covered in a very systematic manner which includes a suitable study material and series of practical exercises.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramAssignments are provided during the course which they are thoroughly discussed in the class to identify the lesson’s concept.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramCheck on Completion of Home work.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramRegular class tests conducted on school syllabus as well as on Olympiad patterns.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramSpecial class on Personality development that includes Spoken English ,Pronunciation, Public speaking, Group discussion, Leadership skills, Memorizing technique and Time management.
  • tick icon in IndirapuramTraining on Basic Computing like Computer Concepts and Microsoft Office, internet etc.