Advance Computer training

Course for School students
advance computer education in Indirapuram
IEC is running customised Computer Education for Young Student under the flagship of IIHT Indirapuram Asia's top IT training organization Pioneer in providing IT training. So that a concrete foundation can be formed for those who are further aspiring for Engineering also they can feel pride to be an expert in IT along with their regular Studies.
Major Courses
advance computer education in Indirapuram
  • tick icon in indirapuramComputer Hardware

  • tick icon in indirapuramNetworking Basics

  • tick icon in indirapuramMicrosoft Office

  • tick icon in indirapuramOpen Office Linux

  • tick icon in indirapuramC,C++

  • tick icon in indirapuramDot Net

  • tick icon in indirapuramJAVA

  • tick icon in indirapuramPHP

  • tick icon in indirapuramSQL